Isn’t frustrating when people can’t understand what you mean?

For me is horrible when someone tries to talk to you when you’re bad or something and while you’re explaining how you feel, he or she looks at you like… WTF?

I’m sure no one is going to read this and it’s sad but if there’s only one possibility in the whole world, I want to try. Possibilities are dreams or opportunities that come to your life because of something. They don’t usually have explanation and that’s why they are that good. THEY ARE BIG SURPRISES!!!

I’m talking about this word or truth because I had an opportunity to solve my life and I couldn’t take it. The POSSIBILITIES were as small as the dust of a cleaned room. At that moment I saw life really complicated. I said by to my one-way ticket and kept going with my boring life.

Imagine an enormous men sitting on a bar counter. He just had gulped down a glass of beer when I crossed the room and sat next to him. I promise I hadn’t had seen him before. I asked for a cokeabstract_face_by_blindguard-d2xwi0t when he said: “No one enters in this place without secrets. I have too many but what about you?”I answered normally. Nothing original: “I don’t have”He smiled and asked for another beer while the waiter brought me my drink. I took my notebook and started drawing something (not important right now). When I finished I picked up my things and left the empty glass on the bar counter next to the money. Right when I opened the door of the bar to go back to the street, the man shouted: “If I were you I wouldn’t go out”. I laughed and went out of the bar. In that moment I didn’t imagine that a carpet would fall on me from a window. The next thing I remember is opening my eyes in a hospital.What I learned, this morning, from yesterday is that an opportunity can be hidden.  I though the man was crazy but he was the one that gave me that opportunity. 

I didn’t believe him because the possibilities of happening something bad were really small. Be intelligent and talk about crazy things to be prepared.